Mary Richert on Struggle, Inputs and Inspiration

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Mary Richert - in her first Internet video ever - talks about some of her favourite books. In these pages she finds a lot of encouragement and inspiration. I really want to emphasise three points Mary makes in this video.

When No One Cares…

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I sometimes get disappointed when something I produce doesn't get much of a reception. You hope that a project is worthwhile and that somebody somewhere is getting something out of it, and as much as I look for some intrinsic merit to the things I do, I am still sometimes left wondering. But what if no one caring was actually a good thing?

Jessi Alexander On “The Climb”

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Songwriter Jessi Alexander talks here about her song 'The Climb' which she co-wrote with collaborator Jon Mabe. The track was recorded by Miley Cyrus and was featured in the Hannah Montana movie. It was also the first song placement from Jessi that was released as a single, and it went straight to number one!

Dream By Example

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The truth is it is perfectly wonderful to hear about what authors are doing. It can be interesting to hear about other people's creative processes and pitfalls. It can even be useful to listen to specific writing instruction. The power of I Should Be Writing is that 'wannabe' writers are consistently delivered back to their own hands.

Karen McQuestion: Every Acceptance Is A Victory

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The wonderful Cynthia Harrison (who has been a dear friend to this blog and supporter of my efforts) has published an amazing interview with Karen McQuestion on writing, rejection and the power of Kindle publishing.

John A. Keel, My Hero

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There were even more sinister and oddball things covered in the book that the movie didn't even make reference to. But even more than that it introduced me to John A. Keel, the author, who was thoughtful and intelligent.