Archibald Portrait Prize Finalists 2010

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Today I went to visit a local showing of the Archibald Portrait Prize Finalists. [The Archibald is probably the most publicised art prize in Australia.] It was wonderful to see the artworks up close.

Sting: This Ain’t No Time For Doubting Your Power

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I've always adored this song (and particularly this remix). I'm hoping by listening to it today, on a day when I feel particularly meek, that I'll be inspired to take life and run with it. Hey, I might even do some art.

Your Contribution: It Matters…

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I wondered momentarily if that was a compliment or an insult. But in any eventuality it struck me as true, that in a very real sense - whether by accident or design - nobody sings exactly the same way I do.

Felicia Day’s Teenage Poetry

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It's helpful to know where you've come from. For a lot of us bad teenage poetry is practically a rite of passage. In the video embedded above the Mortified Shoebox show delves into some of the relics from Felicia Day's past.

Mark Pesce: What Ever Happened To The Book?

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Discussions regarding publishing and electronic books have concerned themselves mostly with how books will be consumed and how they will be monetized. But what if there are even more staggering implications for how we experience narratives and texts? Futurist (and minor Australian television celebrity) Mark Pesce has much to say on this topic and it is both fascinating and frankly unnerving.

Robert DiFazio: Everybody Sucks

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When you watch Michael Jackson perform it seems everything he touches turns to gold. But was it always as easy as he made it seem? Robert DiFazio doesn't seem to think so. He has a startling revelation and I'm hoping it will change the way you look at your own work too.

Sir Ken Robinson’s Spiritual Argument

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One of the things I found most compelling was how Robinson suggests that finding your passion is about much more than just a career or a hobby, that it can really affect the quality of your life and interactions with others. He describes his book, The Element, in part as a spiritual argument.

Greg Somers: Become An Artist

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The Archibald Prize is perhaps Australia's most celebrated art prize and you can currently see. The final result will be announced later this week, and while I'm really impressed by all the finalists I wanted to single one in particular out for special mention here.

Go Big or GTFO – But Just Keep Going!


What if there was a territory that represented this struggle? Well, Ford Fiesta Movement team members Sam Proof and Jen Friel think there is. It's the internet... or, erm, Los Angeles.