Chinese New Year

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I've always been quite enchanted by Chinese New Year. Calendar new year doesn't hold much interest for me. But there's something about the food and the atmosphere and the culture of Lunar new year celebrations that fills me with a child like excitement.

2010 Australian Writers’ Festivals


Writers' Festivals are a great opportunity to hear authors talk about their books and their creative process. I was fortunate enough to attend events from the Sydney Writers' Festival and Brisbane Writers' Festival for the first time last year. It is an experience I'd highly recommend to anyone interested in reading or writing (or, ideally, both).

Notes on Brisbane Writers’ Festival

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It is a bit remiss of me to have gone so long without posting here. I apologise. Since some people have been asking, I just wanted to say that the Brisbane Writers' Festival was amazing.

Sydney Writers’ Festival


We are fast approaching the Sydney Writers' Festival (May 18-24). While I would love to attend everything on the agenda that seems impossible. Instead I'm going to attempt to attend two of the "New Media" program strands (as below).