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Permission To Want


Sometimes it can be hard giving yourself permission to want things, giving yourself permission to pursue those things for no better reason than you 'want' to.

Just Get Started (Reprise)


And in my defense all I can really say is that you don't know what baggage you take with you until you've had a chance to unpack it. And you never know when the penny is going to drop, when you're going to see something that completely changes the way you think, the way you relate to things.

The Needs Of Your Creative ‘Children’


We often the words 'child' and 'children' used to describe ideas relating to creativity. Your creative projects are, in essence, your 'brainchildren' and we are often told about the need of collaborating with our own 'inner child.' But perhaps there are other benefits to thinking of our creative projects in this way and articulating the needs of those projects in the way we might to the needs of literal children.

A Confession…


I'm sure there's something to be said for containment, about not sharing your work too early or too indiscriminately - especially for beginning artists or 'recovering' artists. But I think too that being open to feedback and criticism is a creative muscle and the only way you develop that muscle is by putting yourself in situations where you can receive feedback.

Honeymoon And The Gap

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It's one thing to discover you're in 'the gap', and yet another to realise the honeymoon is over. What's the solution when you're taking two steps forward and three back?

Just Get Started!


"Just get started!" It's an instruction often heard during Tim Pychyl's iProcrastinate podcast. And frankly it is good advice... When I admitted to wanting to paint some years ago I went as far as buying art supplies but no further. I couldn't bring myself to start - and, perhaps most annoyingly, I didn't understand why.