Checking In

Most Outstanding Student


I have just returned from TAFE NSW - Illawarra Institute (Nowra Campus) Major Awards where I was fortunate enough to receive an award. I knew I had been invited to this event for some time but only found out tonight why. I received the Shoalhaven Business Chamber Award for Most Outstanding Student - Information Technology.

Virginia Apgar’s Perfect Face


I loved that talk the first time I watched it. I loved it so much I watched it a number of times. On one Saturday night I did something very confusing with Virginia Apgar’s perfect face.



Information is everywhere. Information scarcity is a thing of the past. The potential cost of all this information may be your time and your sanity, if not managed well.

TAFE Graduation 2013 Student Address

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On 19th March graduating students from the Nowra campus of Illawarra Institute TAFE NSW gathered to officially receive their certificates and diplomas. I was asked to give the student address.

Existential Crisis


I forget sometimes all the lives I have lived. All the things I have dabbled in. All the times I thought I was one thing or another, all the times I tried — and all the times, quite honestly, I've crumbled and gave up.

Merry Christmas 2012


I am not really one for Christmas cards but this year, fuelled by my new found Illustrator skills I decided to create this little image.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

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“Have a nice life,” said the husband of a woman from my art class as we met momentarily in the car park. It is the kind of expression that may have sounded flippant, but in context it was more matter-of-fact. We had finished our Certificate II in Visual Arts course and, because of changes to [...]

Hello Blog


The worst thing about taking an extended break from blogging is the temptation to write that remorseful "I've been away, but I'm back, forgive me?" blog post. And it's true. I have been away. Obviously. This is my first post for 2012 and it's six months into that particular year. Initially I knew I would [...]

Art Lessons

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Turns out that there were weekly art classes in the area. I was interested but tentative. I sent off an exploratory email and mused over the reply. And the following week I decided to go.

Sharon’s Portrait Of Me

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Sharon’s Portrait Of Me thumbnail

Some of you might remember that Dailybooth user Inamusement Sharon drew my portrait. Well she sent it to me and it arrived today, and I put it in this frame.