Blog Categories and Tags

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Cindy asked about what was more important in terms of blogging — blog categories or blog tags. Infact they are both useful ways of describing how blog posts relate to each other.

Turn Your WordPress Blog Into A PDF With BlogBooker

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Cindy asked about turning a blog into something printable and although there are a few different options the one I am writing about today is probably the easiest. BlogBooker is a great site that takes your Blogger, Wordpress or Livejournal blog and creates a printable PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file. The process is really straight forward. [...]

Blogger’s Block


I am such an advocate for blogs and blogging. I love the idea of blogs. I love the power and simplicity and sheer usefulness of RSS. I love using Wordpress not just as a blogging platform but also has a Content Management System. So why am I not blogging? Why has it taken me so [...]

Backup Your WordPress Blog


Clearly things can go wrong online, so it pays to be aware and prepared. You wouldn't leave your only copy of your manuscript outside on a windy day so why risk your blogging content?

Basic WordPress Blogging Tips


I sometimes assume if I know something then it must be self-evident to everyone, but this is obviously not necessarily the case. I thought I would include some tips for people who are new to the WordPress platform.

The Blogosphere: Part II

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This is part two of my series on a talk given by James Maskalyk, Christian Lander and Antony Loewenstein at the Sydney Writers' Festival recently.

The Blogosphere: Part I

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As part of the Sydney Writers' Festival I recently attended a talk about 'The Blogosphere' featuring James Maskalyk, Christian Lander and Antony Loewenstein.

WordPress Changes Lives


I confess I had never really considered WordPress in terms of its accessibility. I just discovered a wonderful video from Glenda Watson Hyatt on how WordPress as a platform and blogging more generally as a channel of communication have changed her life.

Adding Sidebar Widgets In WordPress

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I was recently asked how to change the sidebar in the atahualpa3 WordPress theme. The easy answer is through the use of widgets. However I have also made a PDF explaining this process in greater detail with lots of pictures to help along the way.

What Should I Blog About?


What should you be blogging about? Well let me answer with that question with another question. Who is your audience?