Great Insults and Comebacks

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Today is my 27th birthday!

Much to my delight my friend Loz sent me a package including the book Great Insults and Comebacks by Frank Allen.

Great Insults and Comebacks

Great Insults and Comebacks

While I’m not entirely sure what made her think of me when she saw this particular book, I must say it’s a fascinating read.

I’m not particularly sure what Ethel Merman had against Cole Porter (according to Merman, Porter “sang like a hinge”). I own many Cole Porter recordings and have always found his interpretations more satisfying than those from other people.

Did I mention I’m in this book too? Well, almost.

A ‘British Dramatist’ by the name of John Lacy offers the following quotation on Barbara Villers, Countess of Cleveland, Mistress to Charles II:

Yet like a bitch she wags her tail for more.

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  • Ronald

    For shame! No matter how good the comebacks you may learn are, they will never be good enough to redeem yourself if you are seen reading a book of this lowly caliber!

  • Hi Ronald,

    You’re insulting a book about insults because insults are ‘lowly’? Well you’ve cause my brain to explode. Thanks for stopping by!