WordPress Changes Lives

I adore WordPress.

It is such a far cry from the hand coded pages I created ten years ago. Back then, in an attempt to streamline my workflow, I would make page templates – essentially HTML files that included a header and a footer and some information about the way the page would be formatted. It saved some time though I still had to manually upload each page. It made adding new content an awkward time-consuming process. Even after I had added a new page I would have to go back to the front page of the website and add the link there, perhaps with a thumbnail, perhaps with a brief description.

WordPress is celebrated also for its ability to present information in Search Engine-friendly ways.

I confess I had never really considered WordPress in terms of its accessibility. I just discovered a wonderful video from Glenda Watson Hyatt on how WordPress as a platform and blogging more generally as a channel of communication have changed her life.

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