Why Start A Personal Blog?

People will tell you that personal blogs are the bane of the internet. Pundits of the idea will tell you that they they are self indulgent and have too broad a focus. However I recommend you start one. Why?

You will learn how your blogging platform works and what you can achieve with it. The best way to learn something is to do it. Starting with a personal blog takes the pressure off and allows you to learn and experiment as you go.

You will get used to writing and producing content. If you’re not used to writing anything longer than a SMS message or a shopping list, this is a good way to identify your writing voice and get used to the process of creating content online.

You will be able to share your life with your friends and others. Facebook, Twitter and other web services are wonderful but blogging provides a great forum to go into greater detail about the activities of your life. It is also easy to combine various forms of media – audio, video, photographs, text – to tell your story.

You will be able to share your new found blogging knowledge with your friends and colleagues! Here is a very informal non-threatening way to introduce them to useful technologies. They might wish to do the same themselves and you will be in a great position to introduce them to the process.

You will be able to replicate your efforts in the future. Once you understand the process of blogging and how your particular blogging platform works, you’ll be able to create additional blogs. You might like to do this with a more narrow focus – such as a blog relating to particular interest or hobby, or even to set up a blog for your own business!

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