Turn Your WordPress Blog Into A PDF With BlogBooker

Cindy asked about turning a blog into something printable and although there are a few different options the one I am writing about today is probably the easiest.

BlogBooker (logo)

BlogBooker is a great site that takes your Blogger, WordPress or Livejournal blog and creates a printable PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file. The process is really straight forward. This is how you do it with your WordPress blog.

Export your blog to an XML file

Export Blog Posts In WordPress
In the WordPress dashboard go to Tools and click on Export.

Export Blog Posts In WordPress - Export Options

Select between All Content, Posts and Pages and click ‘Download Export File.’ If you select posts you can further limit your by post category or blog author. You will then be prompted to save the XML file on your computer. Be sure to give it a meaningful filename for future reference. (In addition to creating PDFs from this file you can also import all your content back into WordPress if you change web hosts or something bad happens and you have to start from scratch. Back up often. Consider using Dropbox to sync your backups between your computers and digital devices and off site within ‘the cloud.’)

Import the XML File into BlogBooker

Head to BlogBooker and import your XML file. Enter your blog URL.

Import Blog Posts Into BlogBooker

Before clicking the ‘Create your BlogBook’ button you may like to scroll down and check out the various options you have. You can set a specific date range, change font and paper sizes and include or remove comments, a table of contents and headers and footers.

BlogBooker Options

Once you have finished editing your options you can click on ‘Create your BlogBook.’ It will take a little while to upload and process.

Download Your BlogBook

Your Blog In PDF Book
Then it is just a matter of downloading your BlogBook. Right click on the book graphic and select “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…” (or similar).

Consider Donating

BlogBooker is a free service that exists because of donations. If you’ve found it useful consider donating to the project.

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  • Thank you John. With 10 years of posts to go through, I thought I’d be paying for this service BlogBook provides for free. You’re a great resource. And I will be sure to donate to them!

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