Blogger’s Block

I am such an advocate for blogs and blogging. I love the idea of blogs. I love the power and simplicity and sheer usefulness of RSS. I love using WordPress not just as a blogging platform but also has a Content Management System. So why am I not blogging? Why has it taken me so long to return to blogging?

The reasons are silly. So silly they are hardly worth mentioning. But, then, if I have learnt anything from Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way it is that little fears that are too insignificant to air stay exactly where they are, keeping you blocked.

The first was actually quite pragmatic. I knew I was moving to a new webserver and didn’t want to start anything until the move was complete. As it stands this site still doesn’t function or look like the previous incarnation. I am okay with that though for the time being. Part of my Digital Media Technologies (Web design) course is about generating design solutions and I want to use it as a starting point to re-imagine my whole online persona and this blog.

The second reason was – and is – slightly more abstract. I like order. I like structure. I want to have things in neat blog categories with pre-ordained keywords. I have been told constantly about the importance of finding and filling a ‘niche’ and it is hard not to want to follow that advice. But what is this blog about, really? It is about me, John Lacey – 30 year old Australian guy with a multiple of interests and no obvious specialisation in anything. I like to think I’m a writer, a technology enthusiast, a photographer, an aspiring artist, an aspiring teacher… but I’m not just one of those things. And if I’m being completely honest I still feel like I don’t know who I am, that I haven’t figured out what on earth I am going to do with my life… so being able to communicate what that is – indeed who I am – is inherently problematic.

There is really only one thing to be done. To make peace with it. To make peace with the uncertainty, the unstructured quality of it all and just write. To accept ‘the whole catastrophe’ as it were. To accept that some days I am more coherent than others and to write anyway. So I shall. And soon. Watch this space.

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  • Embrace the chaos!

  • I have been going through a similar situation. 10 years of blogging about writing & I am repeating myself. So I just gave myself permission to write about whatever I want. Even though I’m keeping the name A Writer’s Diary. I coudn’t bear to part with it! Changed wallpaper, still on Word Press. Still need to fix things up a little bit. Will watch this space:)

  • BTW “Blogger’s Block” is a really great title.

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