Sketch: Blake

I’m always talking about creativity and what I’m working on. I’ve been using my burgeoning interest in the visual arts to illustrate some of those creative sticking points. The result of this is that people keep asking to see what I’m working on. Ordinarily I’m quite ‘gung ho’ about sharing whatever I’m working on (online) but when it came to painting I was really apprehensive about doing this.

Blake Sketch

When I’m feeling really anxious about starting a new painting – and this happens all the time – one thing I find that helps is to start with a sketch. It seemed sort of fitting then for the first art I share on this site to be a sketch.

This dashing young man is a friend of mine, Blake. I think it’s a good likeness, though perhaps not a great one. The nose is kind of wrong. But mostly I just wanted to embody the infectious smile that appears in the photograph on which this is based. I’m not sure I’ve reached that mark either, but of course I’m a beginner and everyone has to start somewhere.

The thing I realised doing this sketch was how the smallest little lines can completely change a person’s expression. You hear a lot about “laugh lines” on infomercials for beauty products (the general consesus in that context is that they should all be botoxed away). But it’s amazing how really very subtle things completely change how we might read a face.

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