Pencil Sketch: Mike

I don’t usually ask people if I can draw them. Infact I don’t usually tell them I am drawing them. I find a photograph somewhere to work from and then do my best. Eventually I make a decision whether to share it or whether to keep it to myself.

If I do decide to share it, this usually means the person depicted will see it. And even though they’re usually friends of mine there is always that moment of, “Oh God, what if they hate it?!

Sketch: Mike
Sketch: Mike
2B mechanical pencil sketch with metallic coloured pencil

So it’s always a relief when there is positive feedback.

Mike (musoSF) Feedback

Mike (musoSF):

John, I am floored. Nobody has ever sketched me before, not to mention this well. Thank you so much! *big transhemispheric hug*

I’m trying to draw every day. I did fall off this bandwagon for three days but I am happy to say I’m back at it. I tell myself that it doesn’t matter if the drawing is good or bad, a simple scribble or something more elaborate, just that I consistently show up.

[And just as I’m finishing this blog post Mike asks if he can use the picture as his avatar. Cool!]

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  • I loved this! You made him seem friendly and open. Amazing how expressive..and hey, maybe you can open an avatar business!

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