Pencil Sketch: Ewan

I working under the presumption that the more I draw the better I’ll become. It might be a fool’s paradise but only time will tell. I remember hearing about a young prodigy who would do lots of small artworks to hone their craft so I was particularly excited about Artist Trading Cards. But perhaps they’re too small at least for my purposes.

I went out and bought a pack of 50 blank greeting cards. Unfortunately they are glossy on the outside which makes them hard to draw and paint on. So I decided to draw on the inside instead.

Sketch: Ewan
Sketch: Ewan
2B Mechanical Pencil Sketch on Greeting Card

This sketch of my young cousin is a lot lighter than many of my other sketches. Because of this the scanner has washed out some of the detail. So here’s a small photograph to give some sort of indication of how it looks.

Photograph of Ewan sketch on greeting card

I need to draw more often. Julia Cameron talks about how irritable people get when they skip the morning pages. For me it’s the same when I skip creating. Because when I’m working on somehing it doesn’t actually matter if it’s good or bad, it’s all process. When I don’t work on some art my inner critic has a field day because it deals in the murky uncertainty of personal doubts. Working on art – whether it comes out how you want it to or you chalk it up to a learning experience – seems to shine a light that makes the inner critic’s claims seem particularly flimsy.

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  • Barek Moon

    There’s no “only time will tell” about it, you ARE getting better, much better. There is a world of difference between your current work and your first sketches.

    I’d love to see you draw daily and post daily. I imagine being the perfectionist you are, you won’t be happy with this pure praise as it’ll just seem glib, so in the interests of fair criticism I’ll tell you the entirety of what I see. At the moment, your technical skill still appears naive, but improving. The mistakes stemming from that naivete are lessening over time however, and you’ve been successfully ridding yourself of those over time on your own, through practice. Practice more.

    Having criticised, I’ll now say you have a very good eye for selecting the essence of a person. Even your earliest sketches still looked obviously like the person you’re drawing, and I don’t see that skill often.

    That is your true unadulterated talent. Practice more, pick up the technical skills to support that raw ability, and I think you’ll really impress the pants off yourself.

  • I love the eyes on this child. So expressive. & thanks for reminding me to write my morning pages!

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