Pencil Sketch: Austin

By rights I should know better. I mean I am always posting encouraging videos, I’m always quoting supportive passages of The Artist’s Way. But a part of me was beginning to think that the ability to create art was perhaps something you were born with, something you either had or didn’t have, and I was beginning to think I didn’t have it. I’ve had a frustrating couple of weeks, dissatisfied with the work I’ve been producing. A part of me was thinking about packing up my art supplies for good.

But last night I drew in my sketchbook. I thought back to Lee Hammond’s instructions regarding pencil blending, and with nothing more than a 2B pencil and a tortillion I drew this sketch. It is a picture of Dailybooth user @Albatrossd. Something about doing this completely re-energised me and filled me with a sense of possibility.

Pencil Sketch: Austin

I’ve been told repeatedly by certain people that I’m probably being too critical of myself, but it isn’t just that. It is just incredibly frustrating to be chipping away at something and still be left feeling like you’re getting nowhere. I’ve always wanted to be a instinctive intuitive artist but you still need some technical grounding, and Lee Hammond’s instruction has been incredibly helpful.

The nice thing is that support has been coming in from all kinds of corners.

Artistic Support From Friends

I particularly appreciated these comments from my dear friend David because they acknowledge the attempt, the struggle. Because that’s the first obstacle – just showing up – and I really appreciate that people notice that (whether the work is good or not) I’m keeping my promise to myself to keep trying.

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  • Sometimes the well is just dry, as JC would say. I always panic when that happens to me. I think my will to create will never return. But it always does. Eventually. Glad you got your artist mojo back.

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