Pastels: Self-Portrait

The process of this drawing is interesting to me on a couple of fronts. Firstly this is probably the first example of life drawing I’ve done. Normally I work from photographs. But this time I used my own reflection in real time. Not from a mirror but actually a webcam – well, I am a nerd.

Additionally I used the Derwent Pastel Collection (which arrived on my doorstep this morning) to do it. I used their 2B sketching pencil to do a basic sketch and then blocked in colour with pastel pencils and pastel blocks.

Pastels: John Lacey Self-Portrait
Pastels: Self-Portrait
Derwent Pastels on Pastel Paper

Perhaps a psychologist might wonder why I’ve drawn myself entirely in cool colours but truthfully I was restricted by the colours available to me in the Derwent Pastel Collection. (Curiously there is no black, red or pink pastel pencils in the collection although there are red and black pastel blocks. I did also receive a tin of 12 Derwent Pastel Pencils separately and these do include a red and black, though I’m yet to open those.) After using so many cool colours on myself I decided to blend yellow and orange together for the drawing board.

I’m really looking forward to doing more with the Derwent Pastel Collection in the future.

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  • This is wonderful. The expression on your face here mirrors how you feel working. Serious and playful at the same time.

  • Came by for a sniff.

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