Painting: Self-Portrait (Eyes Closed)

Acrylic painting on 8×10″ canvas board.

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Painting: John Lacey Self-Portrait (Eyes Closed)

Feeling rather disillusioned today. This painting caper isn’t working out as I might’ve imagined – even with all the advice that it’s okay to suck and that realisation I’ll be stuck in ‘the gap’ for a really really long time. Wondering increasingly if my time might not be better spent in some other way. Today I’ve been preoccupied with painting experiments that have left me with less than inspiring results. I kind of feel like this is the way to go, to dabble, to experiment, test the parameters of things. But right now I’m tired and disappointed. Hopefully tomorrow will bring other things.

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  • I would totally put this on my wall! Yr. best yet.

  • Tularis

    Ah…I thought you were painting blindfolded. With eyes shut! If so, this is really great.

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