Painting: Self-Portrait (Anguish)

Acrylic painting on 8×10″ canvas board.

Painting: John Lacey Self-Portrait (Anguish)

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The paintings I show here have been scanned – I literally take the stretched canvases and canvas boards and put them on my scanner. In most instances this seems to be fairly effective though ocassionally the harsh white light of the scanner washes out some element of the painting. I would say that is true of what you see above. You don’t really get the sense of the intense colours present in this painting.

Even though this image is quite crude I really feel like it embodies a great emotional truth. Sketch: Self-Portrait (Celtic/Anguish)This is now how I ‘picture’ personal anguish. When I look at this image I am filled with a sense of recognition. I know what that is in a split second, I know what that feels like.

Both this painting and another one which I haven’t yet shared with you were inspired by this reference sketch. I was inspired in part by Celtic imagery, but mostly it is just an attempt to embody a sense of emotion with the work.

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  • wow. this is great. you are making me want to paint.

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