Painting Rage

Sometimes I paint. Sometimes I just take my frustrations out on a canvas. This is certainly part of the latter. Life had been getting me down and I decided instead of ‘going postal’ I’d take it out on a canvas. Perhaps we’d make art, perhaps we’d make a mess – either way it’s better, surely, than punching the wall…?

Painting Rage (Abstract Painting)

I don’t know how cathartic this was in the moment. Certainly I admit in the video that it didn’t make me feel much better at the time. And yet in a moment my art practice went from careful and considered to wild and spontaneous.

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  • I loved watching you paint! Kept going back and forth to the finished product wondering how something that was so black at first got all that color into it. I was waiting for you to add more color, but no, the color came through the black. Let’s hope that happens with your mood too;-)

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