Painting Rage (Digitally Enhanced)

I’m going to level with you – I’m not really in the mood. Not really in a mood to do much of anything if I am being completely honest. But that doesn’t matter. I mean I wasn’t ‘in the mood’ (that elusive state) when I created the painting I present here. Infact this particular artwork was created precisely because I was in a horrible mood. I’m revisiting it today to show you what I did with it subsequently.

After I created this painting I really wanted to put myself in it. After all, I figured, whose rage was this exactly? So I edited myself into the photograph of the painting. Let’s call it mixed media

Painting Rage (Digitally Enhanced)

I muse over this connection between art and emotion. Art makes us feel, but it can also embody how we (as artists) feel. Sometimes this can represent a long standing emotional response, other times it can be just a stolen moment. The video aboves shows this painting being created in real time. Ordinarily I am not this fluid. Ordinarily I obsess over every little detail. But I was so caught up in how I was feeling that I acted very differently. It was oddly empowering.

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  • Not in the mood. That seems to be my theme, too, and it is such a relief to admit it. These past few months I have not been in the mood to blog. Or update my status on FB. Not in the mood to work on my WIP. Not in the mood to do any of the routine things that comprise life. I force myself to do these things anyway and wonder–will my novel be horrible because I didn’t want to write it? This morning, as I forced myself again to the page I thought, maybe this is why the agent yesterday said she was not as engaged with my story as she’d hoped she would be. Maybe I’m just not a good enough writer to engage anyone, and maybe it’s because I am not fully engaged myself. But then I came here, and I looked at what you made, all the while admitting you were not in the mood, and I thought, wow, that’s so cool. And it gives me hope for my own work. So thanks.

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