Mixed Media: Tenani and Mitch

This, as it happens, is the 200th post at JohnLacey.com. I had great expectations for this post… but what actually happened was I spent too much time overthinking. But this blog is not about ceremony, not really, it’s about expressing myself.

So here’s something I prepared earlier. A drawing based on a photograph, that was then scanned and digitally blurred to give more of a painterly effect. This cute couple recently celebrated a year together and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to depict them together.

Mixed Media: Tenani and MitchMixed Media: Tenani and Mitch
2B mechanical pencil sketch with tortillion blending and digitally blurring

There’s nothing terribly complicated about this approach, I literally just used the blurring capability in the GIMP editing software and blurred the shaded parts of the drawing. Simple but quite effective.

Compare it to the original drawing.

Drawing: Tenani and Mitch

Final thoughts: One of the comments Lee Hammond makes in her helpful instructional DVD is to draw “always darker.” As long as the individual values work in relation to each other, it works. Though working darkly has another advantage, especially with regards to how I work. When I scan the images sometimes some of the detail is washed out by the bright light of the scanner. The best way to overcome this is to work more darkly.

You’ll notice also that I’m working with really rough pastel paper here. I’m trying to work more with paper, though I am having trouble finding a paper I really like. (I had found a great sketching pad but then the local store promptly sold out of them.) I’ve been experimenting with watercolour paper and pastel paper, but I’m still not happy. I’ll let you know how I go.

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  • Congrats on your 200th post, and on the mixed media of your friends. They’re lovely and I bet they will get a kick out of seeing themselves here.

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