Mixed Media: Self-Portrait (Contemplation)

I’ve really liked the combination of sketches – whether pen or pencil – and computer embellishments. Here a quick collection of colours have been added to the scanned image.

John Lacey Self-Portrait (Contemplation)

This is a fairly sketchy effort -in several meanings of the word – but I do like it. The way it looks off into the distance appeals to me.

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  • I like the intensity of the eyes.

  • John, I am really enjoying your portraits. I love how in each one you’re experimenting with something new. They’ve very exciting to look at. Keep ’em coming!

  • Henry

    I like it too. (sounds trite but I’m sincere!)

  • Thanks Cindy, Mary and Henry! (I love that your names all end with Y and that you’re all such faithful readers/commenters of this blog.)

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