Mixed Media: Dave

If I’m being honest I don’t like my brushwork. I think it leaves a lot to be desired. So I decided to do this as a mixed media work. To be honest I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I started it and there has had some implications for how it ended up, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Mixed Media: Dave
Mixed Media: Dave
Mixed media on 8×10″ canvas board

Mixed Media: Dave (Work In Progress)Originally I was determined to use my acrylic paints in a watercolour style so I did a yellow and green wash on the canvas board. Then I mused over what to do with it. Eventually I drew a picture of my new friend Dave with a mixture of pencils – coloured, metallic, charcoal. And then I added the paint flourishes you see around it (a combination of Black, Titanium White and Rose Madder).

I must admit I’ve never really given much thought to ground colour. Infact when I’ve painted it’s usually been so thick as to completely obscure the colours underneath them. I had only heard Sister Wendy Beckett and other art historians muse over ground colours. Clearly here it is an issue. The green/yellow tinge isn’t that obvious with the original wash background but it stands out when the background is changed.

I had also experimented with Posca paint pens on this but they didn’t give me much joy.

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