Acrylics: Possum Magic

I started going to art classes four weeks ago. And as much as I enjoy them, I often find them frustrating because even after having something explained to me I’ll still be clueless and lost. After three sessions of working on this possum I was so sick of it. But after a couple of days I am looking at it again and it seems to be better than I remembered.

Acrylics: Possum Magic
Possum Magic
Acrylics on 8×10″ Canvas Board

I guess what I find helpful is the instruction… what to do, or what you might do differently next time. But more than anything I think I need to stand back and get a sense of the painting as a whole rather than obsess over individual details.

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  • I adore the finished picture, but I do know what you mean about always feeling a bit like a beginner, a little lost. I still feel that way about writing and I’ve been doing it a really long time. I still learn stuff every day and some days I think “why can’t I get all this right in my mind already?”

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